Flying Scotsman

Flying Scotsman
by Lydia Taylor from Norwich GB on 11 Nov 2017

The Flying Scotsman passing through Marston Marshes.


Richard Brunton posted 2017-11-17 9:14am

Just to jump in on all your various comments Lydia. I totally agree with all what has been said in the comments. I am one of the 'offenders', who very rarely comment or vote. I have been a critic since the site was changed as its not very user friendly. Also I think a lot of the 'old' friends no longer use itwitness and unfortunately a lot of the newer users just do not vomment/vote. best wishes Richard

Lydia Taylor posted 2017-11-16 4:47pm

Thank you Martin, Dudley and David. I totally agree with you all. The site is definitely not as user friendly as it used to be and consequently takes an awful lot more effort to dip in and out of the photos. The voting system before was much easier as were the email notifications received on both your own comments and others. It's hard to keep up now.

David Brooker posted 2017-11-14 4:32pm

Lovely picture, Yes i dont seem to get any activity on mine nowadays Martin but then i must admit like many on here i dont comment on others much. Many of the old iwitness friends seem to do their socialising more on facebook since this site was updated a while back.
This site used to me much more a social site :-)

dudley racher
dudley racher posted 2017-11-14 12:56pm

Great image Val, totally agree with Martins Comment and already raised this about comments and voting, ? Mystery ? KR

Martin Seuneke posted 2017-11-13 9:25am

Great shot.. Glad to see that you are not one of those who give us a bad name by standing on the track. I think these are the better shots.

I don't understand though why such good pics on Iwitness don't get as many comments as they used to do and no views at all. They deserve more.